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Select GUARANTOR for Individuals (Indonesian citizens) and corporations who will guarantee foreigners to apply for visas. 

Guarantors consist of individuals and corporations

Guarantor criteria based on Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number 35 of 2021:

Indonesian Citizens with the following criteria:
1. at least 21 (twenty-one) years old or married;
2. residing in the territory of Indonesia for at least the last 6 (six) months;
3. not currently in the process of criminal justice;
4. not listed in the immigration prevention list; and
5. have a fixed income and/or have sufficient active funds to guarantee the Foreigner.

A corporation may take the form of:
a. limited liability company (perseroan terbatas);
b. individual company (perusahaan perorangan);
c. foundation (yayasan);
d. association (perkumpulan);
e. cooperation
f. limited liability partnership (persekutuan komanditer);
g. firm partnership (persekutuan firma);
h. foreign representative in Indonesia;
i. Non-governmental international organizations in 
Indonesia; and
j. government agencies.

The criteria for the corporation are:
1. registered as a legal entity by the provisions of laws and regulations;
2. not currently in a legal dispute; 
3. has sufficient active funds to guarantee Foreigners; and
4. actively operating.